Catalyst activating & performance testing system

SEIN TNS Co., Ltd. has been performing tasks from the first step of process & mechanical engineering, manufacturing, setting-up to the pilot test with the best-quality service, tailored to meet the customers’ needs, which are requested by the local foremost chemical companies, Universities’ Labs and Chemistry-related institutes.

In 2009, the newly launched CATACUBE™ is SEIN TNS’s edge technology tester for catalysts, which we succeeded in the development, resulting from know-how and technical skills of our own that we had acquired from various project experience as well as constant innovation. It offers customers the cost reduction and strengthens the research capability by the process simplification.

Choose CATACUBE™! This is the starting point of research of the chemical industry and the best solution to enhance your technical value.

 Enhancement of Resource with CATACUBE™ 



Compact Design

Compared with the conventional catalyst test system, the total volume of this equipment is decreased significantly so that it can be built in a smaller space and moved easily. It is also designed for anyone to do easy-run and has a sharp trim by building unnecessary parts into the inside of it.


Low Cost

It is a chance itself to purchase an excellent system by a two-third or half price of the equipment of same performance. It’s remarkably economical


Full Auto Control & Data Acquisition system

By selecting both Touch screen and PLC system, it can make all operations automated such as real-time data storage, print and communication for the important data. It is also possible that Pressure, Level, Flow, Temperature control are run automatically by the program.



Easy Maintenance

It is easy to run by convenient manipulation. it’s also easy for maintenance and replacement due to modularization for utility linkage, collecting analyzed gas, reactor installation & uninstallation, catalyst loading & unloading and internal components.



Multi Purpose Test

It is selected a wide range for both pressure (Max. 250 bar) and temperature (Max. 900℃). The reactor’s material is so various that it can be applicable for development of other products which is aiming at different purposes like a catalyst performance evaluation.



Close connection with various optional equipment

It is convenient to upgrade the analyzing equipment like Gas Chromatograph or Gas Analyzer as well as the additional components.



Specification of CATACUBE™


 Capacity of reactor : 10 ~ 150 cc
 Design pressure  : max. 250 bar
 Design temperature : max. 900 ℃
 Material of reactor : STS316, INCONEL, HASTELLOY-C etc.
 Capacity of pump (1 set) : 0 ~ max. 80 scc/min
 Capacity of MFC (3 set) : 0 ~ 500 scc/min
 No. of zone of heater : 3-zone
 Terms of Auto-control : Temperature / Pressure / Level control
 Pre-mixer & heater (1 set)
 Separator (1 set) : 500 cc
 Touch screen panel monitor (15")
 PLC system & HMI program
 Pressure safety system (PSV)
 Spare part (1 kits / for 1-year)
 Option : Refrigerator, GC system, Weighing balance, Gasmeter, Gas analyzer, MFC, Pump