Metal Recovery

Recovery of Precious Metals from Industrial  Wastes 


The key point of the technology


Most of the companies, generating fermentation wastes, throw their wastes into the sea. We invented high value sorbents out of the wastes to recover precious metals or remove heavy metals. The new invention, Bio-sorbent overwhelms IER(Ion Exchange Resin) in every way, and it is also eco-friendly and highly efficient. The entire recovery & removal cycle of Bio-sorbent is environmentally friendly, and it enables us to overcome the shortcomings with the wet process. The recycling of the wastes and the concrete securement of metal resource are the beauty of the technology

The necessities of technical revolution


In various industry areas, using heavy metals and precious metals, called non-ferrous metals, already became generalized. The wastes containing these metals have been increasing continuously. That is why there are growing needs to deal with these wastes more economically and eco-friendly. Globally, it is strongly prohibited to throw fermentation wastes into the sea; The regulation takes effect in 2016 in Korea. This technology will be killing two birds with one stone under the circumstances.

Where to use?


Recovery of precious metals from industrial wastes by means of using the highly efficient bio-sorbent.
Removal of heavy metals, dye wastewater, and ionic pollutants by means of using the highly efficient bio-sorbent.
Recycling fermentation wastes as high value sorbents.